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From The Ships List The Fleets: Baines & MacKay / Black Ball Line, Liverpool : Queen of the South built 1853 Years in service: wooden ship, ex- Morning Light, 1863 purchased by Baines & Mackay renamed Queen of the South, 1867 sold, 1869 charterd by Baines & Mackay. 1,713 tons.

from "Morning Light clipper was built on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, by Messers Tobey & Littlefield in 1853. It was 1713 tons. The ship initially sailed out of Boston, but was used for various commercial voyages until it was sold in 1863 to James Baines & Co. for their Black Ball Line. The ship's name was changed to Queen of the South so that it would not be confused with the Canadian-built Saint John Morning Light that is the subject of this website."

She ran aground and was wrecked in 1868

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