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The category Questionable Gateway Ancestors was created as a subproject of the Magna Carta project, intended for colonial immigrant ancestors not documented by Richardson but which otherwise might fall within the scope of the Magna Carta Project.

Please Note: The subproject is in the process of being retired, and this category deleted. Please do not add it to any profiles. See this page for the research notes about immigrants that had been posted by the subproject.

If you have an immigrant ancestor you would like to see included in the Magna Carta Project as a Gateway Ancestor, you'll want to develop the WikiTree profiles from your immigrant ancestor to a surety baron, to include primary source citations for parent/child relationships along the trail. Clearly outlined trails that have been developed for a descendant of a Magna Carta surety baron who immigrated to America prior to 1700 can be brought to the project's attention (via a G2G post or a comment on WikiTree-36), which may result in the the ancestor being approved as a "Prospective Magna Carta Project Gateway Ancestor" (an interim step toward being included in the project as a Gateway Ancestor).[1]

Many WikiTree members who are working on trails outside the project's scope are project Affiliates and members of the Google Group.

While you're working on the trail, if you want to add a sticker to your own profile, or to the immigrant ancestor's profile, the following are suggested:

Magna Carta Project logo
Descendant of Thomas Harris, who may have Magna Carta connections.
Example with link only to the ancestor who may be a descendant of a surety baron (for your profile):
|image=Magna Carta Team Base Camp.png
|imagetext=Magna Carta Project logo
|id=[[WikiTree-ID|Name]], who may have Magna Carta connections
Magna Carta Project logo
Descendant of a Magna Carta Surety Baron (possibly- research underway).
Example with link to Category:Surety Barons for an ancestor whose potential trail you are researching:
|image=Magna Carta Team Base Camp.png
|imagetext=Magna Carta Project logo
|id=a [[:Category:Surety Barons|Magna Carta Surety Baron]] (possibly- research underway)

Please contact Liz Shifflett, one of the project's co-leaders, if you have questions.

Thanks! Liz Shifflett, 20 June 2018

Gateway Ancestors are the American colonists with Magna Carta ancestry
whose well-documented ancestral lines are treated in
Royal Ancestry: a Study of Colonial & Medieval Families by Douglas Richardson (2013), Volumes 1-5,
and in Magna Carta Ancestry: a Study of Colonial & Medieval Families, also by Douglas Richardson (2011).
Of the twenty-five barons who signed a vow to enforce Magna Carta in 1215, only
seventeen have known descendants past the fourth generation.
  1. There are a lot of questionable royal ancestries. Even those published in books may not be proven. Even those with primary sources may not use the evidence accurately. In some cases, the real-life facts might not be knowable today. This can be frustrating, even (especially) for experienced researchers. Please don't take it personally if your favorite ancestors or facts aren't accepted!

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