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The Régiment de Béarn was a French Army regiment established in 1684. It is principally known for its role in the Seven Years' War, when it served in the North American theatre. The two battalions of this regiment operated on different theatres of operation for most of the Seven Years' War. The 1st Battalion remained in Europe while the 2nd was sent to Canada. During the Seven Years' War, the regiment ranked 72nd and was under the command of Chevalier de Thimbrune de Valence from January 1 1748 to November 25 1762.

The regiment was recruited from the Béarn province of France. The regiment arrived in June 1755 in New France aboard two ships - Opiniâtre and Léopard. The regiment was sent at the beginning of July to Fort Frontenac and one year later participated in the victory against Fort Oswego, in company of other regiments and Indians. After the defeat of the British on August 14 at Oswego, one company of the regiment is sent to Fort Bull and the other to Fort William Henry. In 1758, the regiment participated in the defense of Fort Carillon. On July 31, 1759, the battalion took part in the victorious Battle of Beauport where it guarded the extreme left near the cataract of the Montmorency River with the grenadiers. On September 13, 1759, they were present during the Siege of Quebec City, with the exception of 35 soldiers who were sent to Fort Niagara. After the battle, the regiment followed the French army in its retreat towards Jacques-Cartier. On October 28, the piquets and grenadiers of the regiment retired from Pointe-aux-Trembles (actual Neuville). In November, the regiment took its winter quarters on the Island of Montréal. The regiment took part at the Battle of Sainte-Foy the following year.

In 1760, the 2nd battalion returned to France. The regiment was disbanded on November 25 1762. Its grenadiers and officers were incorporated into the Grenadiers de France while its sergeants, corporals, fusiliers and drummers were offered the opportunity to serve at Saint-Domingue in the colonies by joining the Boulonnais, Foix or Quercy regiments.


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28 Jul 1717 St. Pierre D'Habas,Ax-Les-Thermes,Ariege, France - 02 May 1800
1729 Barbaize,Champagne,Reims, France
31 Jan 1733 Dives, Noyon, France - 05 Dec 1817 photo
28 Feb 1731 Saint-Jean-de-Sauves, Poitou, France - 14 Apr 1790
28 Oct 1733 Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption, Chaffois, France - 18 Dec 1811 photo
10 Apr 1728 Cempuis, Picardie, France - 23 Aug 1807
13 Feb 1728 Le Gouray, Côtes-du-Nord, Bretagne, France - 10 Sep 1763


abt 1728 St-Maurice de Nouvion, Somme, France - 25 Feb 1805


abt 15 Apr 1730 Host, Metz, Lorraine, France - 05 Apr 1786
23 Dec 1733 Saint-Omer, Picardie, France - bef Jan 1812


08 May 1727 Lille, Saint-Étienne, Flandre, France - 08 May 1793


30 Jan 1738 Bruyères, Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, Lorraine, France - 03 Jun 1800


abt 1736 Saint-Nicolas, Bapaume, Artois, France - bef Nov 1789
abt 1739 Corbie, Picardie, France - 26 Jun 1807 photo


19 Feb 1717 Villiers-les-Luxeuil, Franche-Comté, France - 08 Feb 1801


abt 21 Oct 1736 Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache, Picardie, France - abt 1800


abt 1741 Saint-Martin, Noyon, Île-de-France, France - 10 Oct 1799


14 Nov 1730 St-Michel, archevêché de Toulouse, France - 03 Jun 1804


1734 Queseij, France - 22 Jun 1794


04 Feb 1723 Condezaygues, Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine, France - 15 May 1760

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