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Raid of the Redeswire

England v. Scotland last major battle
Date: July 7, 1575
Location: Carter Bar, the Cheviot pass which enters Redesdale.
Victor: Scottish Warden and Sir John Carmichael (d.16 June 1600), Lord Warden of the Marches, with George Douglas of Bonjedworth.
Loser: English Warden of the Middle Marches, Sir John Forster, with Sir George Heron, Keeper of Redesdale, Keeper of Liddesdale

Person Profiles (4)

1544 Heaton, Northumberland, England
abt 1530 - bef 1553
abt 1520 Adderstone, Northumberland, England - abt 1602
bef 1515 England - 07 Jul 1575

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