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Railway Gate Keepers usually had a house next to the level crossing, and was permanently based there, he opened and closed the gates as required.

From "A Dictionary of Occupational Terms" Crossing Keeper, level crossing keeper, gatekeeper, gateman, level crossing man; in charge of a level crossing on a railway line, opening and closing gates by hand worked mechanism, or by hand, for the passage of trains, or for passage of road vehicles and (sometimes) pedestrians; sometimes also lights, trims and cleans lamps on crossing gates; performs duties of crossing policeman, flag man, signal gateman, or of gatekeeper and pointsman.

Person Profiles (3)

abt 1814 Ireland - 24 Jan 1880
09 Jul 1885 Blanchardville, Lafayette County, Wisconsin - 16 Dec 1948
abt 1838 Georgia, United States - 22 Feb 1865

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