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The present division of Slovakia into 8 regions (kraje) dates from 1996:

  1. Banskobystrický kraj (Banská Bystrica Region)
  2. Bratislavský kraj (Bratislava Region)
  3. Košický kraj (Košice Region)
  4. Nitriansky kraj (Nitra Region)
  5. Prešovský kraj (Prešov Region)
  6. Trenčiansky kraj (Trenčín Region)
  7. Trnavský kraj (Trnava Region)
  8. Žilinský kraj (Žilina Region)

If you're unsure which region a specific municipality or town is from, check this list: List of municipalities and towns in Slovakia

For more background on the history of regions of Slovakia see this page.

In the list of sub-categories below, the regions called "vármegye" are the historic counties of the Kingdom of Hungary. They existed from the Late Middle Ages to 1918. Spiš is the Slovak name for the Szepes vármegye. The regions called "kraj" are the present regions of Slovakia.

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