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Preceded by Francia

Regnum Francorum Orientalium (Kingdom of the East Franks) 843–919

East Francia (Regnum Francorum orientalium), also known as the Kingdom of the East Franks or Francia Orientalis, was the realm allotted to Louis the German by the 843 Treaty of Verdun. It is the precursor of the Holy Roman Empire. After the death of Emperor Louis the Pious his sons divided the Carolingian Empire of the Franks by the Verdun treaty into East, West, and Middle Kingdoms. As all parts remained under the rule of the Carolingian dynasty with Louis' eldest son Lothair I (795-855) retaining the Imperial title, this agreement did not abolish the entity of Francia itself. (1)

Succeeded by

Regnum Teutonicum
Imperium Romanum Sacrum

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