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From Renwick in Cumberland, old Raveneswic, on the east side of the Eden river. James Renwick, the Covenanter, was the last man executed (1688) for religious principles in Scotland. John Runnick is recorded in Dalzell-Kittimure in 1634, Robert Rinnick in Stanehouse in 1657, John Rennick in Dalzell-Kittimuir in 1686 (Lanark CR)

The RENICK name -- which has been spelled as Renwick, Rennick, Rennock, Rennicks, Renix and Reynick -- comes most recently from a location in the Cumberland County area in England near the Scotland border called Renwick. Around the mid-to-southern part of Scotland or the "lowlands, " many towns bear the suffixof "wick" such as Berwick, Ainwick and Harwick.

In pronouncing Renwick, (in the British Isles) the “w”is silent, and by the time the Scotch Irish Renicks came to America in the early1700's, the "w" had already been dropped. Some Renwicks who came directly from Scotland retained the spelling of Renwick, at least in the beginning. Some immigrants from Ireland in the 1800’s were spelling the name Rennick.

The variety of spellings of the Renick name seems to beprimarily a result of poor spelling by record keepers and censustakers.

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