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This category is for categories, templates and free space pages that fall under the Roll of Honor. It is not for individual profiles. Entries on profiles would use the {{Roll of Honor Template}}, categories for Killed in Action, Wounded in Action, etc, or linking to one of the free space pages used for the various Wikitree Roll of Honor listings.

WikiTree Roll of Honor Category Structure

  • Category: <status>
    • Category: <status>, <war>
      • Category: <status>, <country>, <war>
    • Category: <decoration>
  • Category: Categories - root of tree
    • Category: Military
      • Category: Roll of Honor
        • Category: Killed in Action
          • Category: Killed in Action, World War II
            • Category: Killed in Action, United States of America, World War II
        • Category: Medal of Honor

Categories also covered by Roll of Honor

Category: Roll of Honor, a sub category of Category: Military primary sub categories: top medals for each country

  • Category: Légion d'honneur
  • Category: Medal of Honor
  • Category: Order of the Medjidie
  • Category: Order of the Tower and Sword
  • Category: Pour le Mérite
  • Category: Victoria Cross

Status descriptions
These categories are for military personnel only.

  • Category: Died in Military Service - (DMS), for death not covered by one of the other status categories, such as car accident, ship sunk during typhoon, plane crash, training accident, heart attack, etc.
  • Category: Died of Disease - (DOD), military personnel non combat deaths caused by the various epidemics such as plague, smallpox, typhus, malaria, etc
  • Category: Died of Wounds - (DOW), military personnel who were WIA, and died after receiving medical treatment from allied or own country with the primary cause being the wounds received. If they died of wounds after medical treatment from the enemy, they should be added as Died while Prisoner of War.
  • Category: Died while Prisoner of War - (DWP), for military personnel who died in captivity for any reason
  • Category: Killed in Action - (KIA), as a result of enemy action on the battlefield, aircraft shot down, ship sunk by hostile action. NOTE: Killed while attempting to escape, executed, etc as a POW should be listed as Died while Prisoner of War.
  • Category: Missing in Action - (MIA), personnel listed as Missing in Action
  • Category: Prisoners of War - (POW) for Prisoners of War
  • Category: Wounded in Action - (WIA) for Wounded in Action, as a result of enemy action

The status descriptions will be further broken down by:

  • Category: <status>, <war> - (also under parent categories of Category: <war> and Category: <status> to allow for rollup counts)
  • with sub categories for Category:<status>, <country>, <war> created as needed.


  • Category: Military
    • Category: Military Decorations
      • Category: Military Decorations, <country>

Sub categories for decorations

  • Category: <name of decoration> <period>, country

<name of decoration> name of the award itself if it is a medal or a ribbon with no classes. For instance: Category: Medal of Honor

<period> will be added if the same name for an award is used at different time, and the ribbon or the medal itself has changed to distinguish the period or conditions of the award.

For instance:

  • Category: Croix de guerre 1914-1918 (for World War I)
  • Category: Croix de guerre 1939-1945 (for World War II)
  • Category: Croix de guerre TOE (conflicts after 1945)

(country) will be added if there are award of the same name issued by more than one country, for example:

  • Category: Distinguished Flying Cross, United Kingdom
  • Category: Distinguished Flying Cross, United States of America

Category: <name of decoration> will use the plural form if it is an order or medal that has multiple classes or distinctions, and be under a sub category for the order for example

  • Category: Order of the British Empire - listing all the grades and distinctions of the order
    • Category: Members of the Order of the British Empire - for someone who was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire
      • Category: Officers of the Order of the British Empire - for someone who was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire

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