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The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is the naval branch of the Australian Defence Force. Following the federation of the Australian colonies, the ships and resources of the separate colonial naval forces were integrated into a national force on 1st March 1901: the Commonwealth Naval Force (CNF), with the intention of providing local maritime and coastal defence. The first Naval Officer Commanding the CNF was Captain (later Vice Admiral Sir) William Creswell. The next two senior officers at the time of federation were, in order of seniority, Captain (later Rear Admiral) Chapman Clare and Captain (later Rear Admiral) Frederick Tickell. The navy received royal patronage in July 1911 and became known as the Royal Australian Navy . The RAN has become increasingly responsible for defence of the region. Today, the RAN consists of a small but modern force, widely regarded as one of the strongest naval forces in the Asia Pacific Region.

Until 1859, vessels of the Royal Navy made frequent trips to the Australian colonies. In 1859, the Australia Squadron was formed as a distinct squadron of the Royal Navy and remained in Australia until 1913. The Royal Australian Navy College opened in 1913, initially at Geelong but later transferred to Jervis Bay. On 4th October 1913 the new replacement fleet for the foundation fleet of 1901 steamed through Sydney Heads for the first time.

Until November 1973, the RAN answered directly to the Minister for the Navy; as did the other services. From then on, the Chief of Navy answers to the sole Minister of Defence, through the Chief of the Defence Force Staff (CDF).

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