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In 1913, Colonel (later Major General Sir) Samuel Pethebridge (a former Cammander in the Queensland Naval Force) called for nominations of Principal Chaplains from the major Christian denominations. The Royal Australian Navy Chaplains' Department dates its foundation from shortly afterward. The Chaplains departments are all-officer corps within the respective service that provide ordained clergy to minister to the personnel. Chaplains belong to either one of several Christian churches, or to the Jewish faith. RAN chaplains begin their commission as a Lieutenant. The highest "division" is Division 5 who are "Principal Chaplains" and wear the rank of Commodore, of which there are three per service representing the three major Christian denominations—Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant—and the Jewish faith.

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14 Jun 1907 Camperdown, Victoria, Australia
18 Jan 1845 Knayton, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom - 24 Sep 1934

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