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This category contains the landing level ship categories of the Royal Australian Navy.

Since its foundation in 1913, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has operated a large number of vessels, including various types of warship, support and supply craft, and auxiliary vessels drawn from civilian service when required. Vessels owned by the RAN are known as "His / Her Majesty's Australian Ship ..." (HMAS).

As the RAN re-uses ship's names once a ship has been de-commissioned, this Category will differentiate between ships with the commissioning year included after the name, e.g., HMAS Sydney (1912). Attach the ship category to warlike situations but, please, do NOT re-name them with the name of the war. The story of HMAShips is greater than just the years of a war.

Royal Navy Ships - A quick Link to RN ships, and reference to use prior to 1913

Wikipedia: List of ships of the Royal Australian Navy.

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