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The Royal Irish Artillery was an Irish regiment of the British army in the 18th century. It was formed by Charter on 1 April 1756, by Captain John Straton and twenty-four non-commissioned officers and men of the Royal Artillery.

In the following year it was styled "The Artillery Company in Ireland". Two years later, the company was considerably increased and was styled the "Regiment of Royal Irish Artillery". At its peak, in 1793, there was a large recruitment and by successive augmentations the establishment had reached a total of 2069, which were organized into one invalid and twenty marching companies. The Regiment of Artillery was based at Chapelizod with the 400 or so members billeted in the village.

Despite all the derogatory remarks by fellow servicemen, the Royal Irish Artillery was awarded white leather stocks as a mark of their good gunnery. In 1801, following the Act of Union and the formation of the United Kingdom, the Royal Irish Artillery was absorbed as an integral part of the Royal Artillery and therefore ceased to exist. They became part of the 2nd Battalion of The Royal Regiment of Artillery.

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abt 1738 Mersheen, County Waterford, Ireland - abt 1813 photo
- 20 Dec 1917
19 Jun 1773 Frybrook, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland - 30 Apr 1868
abt 1780 Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland
abt 1776 London, Middlesex, England - 12 Jun 1834
North Strand, Dublin, - 14 Dec 1917
abt 1728 - 16 May 1803
Youghal, County Cork, Ireland - 31 Oct 1836

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