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This continuously ongoing project displays the blood descendants of the Crail line. The names of blood descendants currently tagged to this Category are displayed at the end. Click on their names to view their Personal Profiles.

It's early days in the life of this project so, as you will see below, only a very small number of Personal Profiles have been tagged to this Lineage 1b Category. There are over 1,200 blood descendants (including their spouses) who I have identified/researched & are therefore eligible for tagging. Not all of them have a Personal Profile here on WikiTree yet. That's part of the task too. So, there's lots of work still to be done and all 'tag' volunteers will be welcome! (See Collaboration link)

These related Profiles provide further information on the family. Click to view:

The Early Generations. This contains the latest known research of our oldest historical generations with proven paper trails.

Crail Fishing Disaster Shows what was learned of the disaster from the original records of the day and the how the it was commemorated on its 250th anniversary in 2015.

Scotland and Beyond (SAB) You can read the original 2004 edition of SAB compiled and published by Jen Jelley and Diane Middleton in PDF format here. (Note the files are currently a Work-in-Progress in early preparation for linking. Most chapters have yet to be linked).

How to add your research items. Most people will be able to add information on their ancestors Profiles - this gives you some background guidance on how to do that - and who can be included.

Alan Runciman

an 8th generation son of William Rynsiman, patriarch of the Crail Line

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