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See also Clan Gray.

This is a subcategory of Gray Name Study for ancestors of the surname and its variants, who were of Scotland. If possible, please subcategorize profiles by county.

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"The family of Grey, ancient in Northumberland, first attained the peerage in the reign of Edward IV., and it is observable that the Gray family in Scotland bear the same heraldic distinction as the Greys of the North of England. As Northumberland was formerly considered part of Scotland, it is probable that Lord Grey of Chillingham in this county, whose predecessor, came over with William the Conqueror, granted Broxmouth in Roxburghshire to a younger son of his family, of whom all the Grays of Scotland are believed to be descended. Sir Hugh de Gray was proprietor of Broxmouth in 1214, and his descendant Sir Andrew Gray was summoned as a lord of Parliament in 1437.
see Moule, T. (1837). "Howick," in The English Counties Delineated, p. 367. Google Books.


  • Anderson, W. (1867). The Scottish Nation, II, p. 370-376. Google Books.

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abt 1374 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland - 1436
10 Nov 1863 Dundee, Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom - 29 Jul 1930
abt 1630 - aft 1656
abt 1643 Scotland
1580 Scotland - aft 1608
abt 1600
abt 1598 Scotland
08 Mar 1663 Carnbee, Fife, Scotland
abt 1212 - 1230
abt 1225 - aft 1267

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