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In 1379 Haakon, as King of Norway and Denmark, created Sir Henry Sinclair of Roslin as Earl of Orkney, a title confirmed by Robert II. In 1469 James III married Margaret, daughter of Christian I, the King of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, whose dowry was Orkney and Shetland. Since the days of Sinclair there have been Scots in the service of the Kings of Denmark and Norway although not always on a continuous basis and often against those Scots in service to Sweden.

This Category includes service with Denmark as the crowns were united during the period of consideration. There were times when the crowns were united with that of Sweden but there was also considerable conflict between the two nations. Sweden has thus been retained as a distinct category.

Contributions by Scotland after 1600:

The Records of the Privy Council of Scotland record the following units being sent to service in Denmark:
16 Mar 1626; 2,000 men; Commander - Sir Donald Mackay, 1st Lord Reay.
4 Jul 1626; 500 men; Commander - Alexander Seton.
27 Feb 1627; 3,000 men; Commander - Robert Maxwell, 1st Earl of Nithsdale.

Person Profiles (4)

08 May 1623 Melness, Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland - 1703
Mar 1591 Strathnaver, Farr, Sutherland, Scotland - Mar 1649 photo
abt 1535 Caithness, Scotland - abt 1611 photo
abt 1345 Orkney Islands, Scotland - abt 1400 photo

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