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This is the companion category for the Shelley Name Study. To add this category to a profile, you can add the One Name Study template (which will add the category automatically).

This profile is part of the Shelley Name Study.

{{One Name Study|name=Shelley}}

results in:

Shelley's currently on WikiTree At this point, there are three definitive Shelley branches present here on WikiTree.

  1. A branch which contains the baronets of Michelgrove, Castle Goring and Penshurst Place which in turn features notable surname holders such as Percy Florence Shelley. It is through this branch the surname of Sidney appears after a gradual transition through the surname of Shelley Sidney
  2. A branch descending from a Richard Shelley from whom a long line of blacksmiths were birthed in England in about the 17th century.
  3. A branch which is involved in the Puritan Great Migration from whom are descended from a Robert Shelley

Template To use the template use: {{ One Name Study |name=Shelley |category='location', Shelley Name Study }}

and you will get this:
This profile is part of the Shelley Name Study.

Note: replace 'location' with location of where the profile of the person was born and remove the quotation marks too! This makes it easier to look for profiles.

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08 Dec 1854 - 22 Mar 1922
abt 1481 Clapham, Sussex, England - 1569
29 Sep 1799 - 10 May 1885
abt 1476 Clapham, Sussex, England - 09 Oct 1540
abt 1456 Sussex, England - 03 Jan 1527
abt 1425 Rye, Sussex, England
15 Mar 1806 - 11 Nov 1866 photo
20 Jan 1801 - 09 Jul 1887
1797 - 1884
20 Feb 1778 - Aug 1799
abt 1635 England - abt 1673
Living Shelley
abt 1618 - abt 1692

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