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Category: Shortt-224 Historical Docs

find and list official records currently in personal archive

try to find online sources for these to link instead of personal scans/copies

  • death certificates
    • currently have for all grandparents, second cousin, unsure about others
  • immigration documents
    • possible manifest for ship taken by first gen immigrants to US (via port of london)
    • uncertain about port of destination documents
    • have at least 1 US immigration/citizenship application doc, check for more


Category: Shortt-224 Geographical


  • lat/long of short and street family graveyards
  • usgs info for "shortt gap" (partial)

look for: tazewell/buchanan county records

  • creation of shortt gap (unincorporated community tazewell/buchanan border)
  • mine owned by great-uncle Harmond (some sort of permit/registration?)
  • construction/registration/fire dept records for bar owned by great-great-grandmother
  • death certificates for unnamed short children who died of spanish flu
  • birth certificate to grandfather confirm his father's name and county/city of birth
  • documentation on change in grandfather's last name from short to shortt (social security records?)

look for: civil war docs

  • death records for ancestors in war
  • possibly enlistment records

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