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The original planters of New Haven met June 4, 1639, and after prayer and deliberation, 63 men signed the New Haven Fundamental Agreement. Their names have asterisks following. It was decided that free planters coming afterwards, should also sign the agreement. In the next few years another 43 signed the agreement. The New Haven Fundamental Agreement at The Avalon Project of Yale Law School

Roger Ailing
William Andrews*
Luke Atkinson
David Atwater
Josua Atwater

Edward Banister*[1]
Richard Beach*
Thomas Beamont[2]
Richard Beckley*
Abraham Bell
John Benham*
Jarvis Boykin*
John Brockett*
Francis Browne
Peter Browne
Mr. Browninge* (Henry)
John Budd*

Mathew Camfeld
John Chapmen*
John Charles*
Ezekiel Cheever*
Edward Chipperfield: sometimes Chipfield; passenger in the Hopewell 1635; age 20; brickmaker; d. 1648
James Clark*
John Clarke*
John Cogswell*
John Cooper*
Jasper Crane*

John Davenport*
William Davis
Ralph Dayghton
Jeremiah Dixion* one of the seven founders of the church. Removed bef. 1644

Samuel Eaton*
Theophilus Eaton*
Nicholas Elsey*
Jno Evance (Evans)

Timothy Ford*
Thomas Fugill*

William Gibbard
John Gibbs
William Gibbons
Matthew Gilbert*
Stephen Goodyeare
Thomas Gregson

Arthur Halbidge*
Francis Hall*
John Hall
Theophilus Higginson
Robert Hill*
Matthias Hitchcock*
Andrew Hull*
Richard Hull*

William Ives*

William Jeanes
Thomas Jeffries*[3]
John Johnson*

Thomas Kimberley*

Benjamin Ling*[4]
John Livermore
Andrew Low*

Richard Malbon* Magistrate, Capt. of Artillery etc. Returned to England [Jacobus FoANH]
Nath Merriman
Richard Merriman; not mentioned by Savage or Jacobus. Richard Merriman was a misread by Hoadley (New Haven Records) and should be Richard Newman[5]
Andrew Messenger*
Steven Metcalfe
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Morris
John Moss (Morse)*
Matthew Moulthrop*
Thomas Munson

John Nash
Thomas Nash
Francis Newman*
Richard Newman
Robert Newman*[6]
Adam Nicholls

Richard Osborne*
Thomas Osborne

Edward Patteson*
Beniamin Pawle[7]
John Peacock*
Henry Peck
William Peckke
Richard Perry*
Marke Pierce
Robert Pigg
John Ponderson*
Thomas Powell
William Potter*
John Potter*
William Preston*

John Reader(Reeder)*
James Russell
William Russill

Robert Seeley*
George Smith*

Christopher Todd
Anthony Tompson/Thompson
John Tompson/Thompson
William Thorpe*
Nathaniel Turner*
William Tuttle*

John Vincent

John Wakeman
John Walker
George Ward*
Lawrence Ward*[8]
Jeremy Whetnell [9]
Samuel Whitehead*
Edward Wigglesworth*
Mr. Wilkes*
Beniamin Willmott

Thomas Yale*

  1. Edward Banister died May 1649, leaving a widow, Elling, who died 1684, and a daughter, underage in 1649, perhaps Mary, who worked for Samuel Eaton in 1655, and went to England about 1658. Husband and wife had meeting house seats in 1648, but not in later seatings [Town Records & Probate abstracts]
  2. Thomas Beaumont of New Haven died 1686; married the widow Stent; no issue.[Jacobus Fam of Anc. NH]
  3. THOMAS Jeffries, "Dorchester, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. bef. 1643 to New Haven, prob. with Eaton in 1638, had serv. with reput. in the Pequot war; was call. a serg. when he d. Aug. 1661, in good esteem. By will, of wh. Thomas Trowbridge was excor. his cst. of £152 was distrib. to relat. and friends, in part, and to the poor, nam. no ch. nor br. only a sis. Sarah, w. of George Betty, and her two ch. in St Nicholas Co. Somerset." [Savage's Gen. Dict.]
  4. "LING, BENJAMIN, Charlestown 1636, went to New Haven, prob. with Gov. Eaton, had his est. laid out 1640, was a freem. with prefix of respect, liv. in what is now East Haven, d. 27 Apr. 1673, leav. no ch. but giv. good prop. to some friends, and large to w. Joanna, wh. m. 3 Nov. foll. col. John Dixwell, the regicide, and d. in a few wks." [Savage's Gen. Dictionary]
  5. Jacobus, Donald Lines. "Merriman of New Haven, Conn.," TAG 9:91
  6. "ROBERT, came in the Mary and John, 1634, to Boston, but in what part of Mass. he sett. is unkn.; rem. to New Haven, in 1638 or 9, was a man of good est. one of the seven pillars at gather. of the ch. and a deac.; had Bethia, bapt. 2 Oct. 1642; and Grace, prob. 25 Oct. (a wrong day being giv. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 361) 1646, d. under 4 yrs.; went home and was, 1657, a vintner in London."[Savage:Gen Dict.] See also
  7. "PAUL, BENJAMIN, New Haven 1639, may be the man ment. by Felt, at Salem 1647 with a final y added to his name."[Savage] Nothing in FANH: Pawle, Paul, or Powell.
  8. "LAWRENCE, New Haven 1639, or soon aft. rem. to Branford 1646, was br. of George of thee same, in 1661 was employ. by the governm. of New Haven to search for the Regicides, Whalley and Goffe, at Milford, where it was prob. kn. they were not to be seen; rep. 1665 and 6, aft. wh he rem. to N. J. and d. 1671, at Newark. Seven ch. b. at B. belong. either to him, or to John Ward, viz. Sarah, 22 May 1650; John, 29 May 1654; Samuel, 22 Sept. 1656; Hannah, 20 Nov. 1658; Elizabeth 24 Jan. 1660; Dorcas, 10 May 1662; and Abigail, 20 Apr. 1665."[Savage]
  9. "WHITNELL, JEREMIAH, New Haven 1639, is found in the list of freem. 1669, print. in Trumbull, II. 524, but there is giv. Whitwell, as prob. in the constable's or selectmen's certific. He m. Elizabeth wid. of Thomas Mitchell, after 1662, had no ch. and d. Mar. 1682. His will of 10 Mar. in that yr. gives all his prop. to wid. for life, and after to Philip Alcock, and his w. Elizabeth d. of the wid." [Savage]

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  • Thomas Kimberly 24 Jun 1604 Wotton-under-edge, Gloucestershire, England - 12 Feb 1673





  • Thomas Osborne abt 4 Apr 1595 Parish of Ashford, county Kent, England - aft 2 Nov 1677



  • John Reeder abt 1614 Essex, Suffolk, England - before 9 Mar 1660


  • Robert Seeley before 4 Jul 1602 Huntingdon, England - 17 Oct 1668
  • George Smith abt 1618 Hertfordshire/Hereford, England - 17 May 1662





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