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This profile is part of the Simpier Name Study.

This category is part of the Simpier Name Study. Please contact the project leader for more information.

Note: this category is a high level category and should not be used on profiles. It is preferred that all profiles contained in the project be designated to a specific location for the benefit of correctly identifying family lines. If NO location is known or there is NO category for the correct location then this category may be used. If new category is needed please leave a comment on Simpier Name Study:

There are three location levels currently used in this Name Study:

  1. Country level: Since the primary focus of this study deals with the United States then all other countries should use this level:
  2. State level has been added for the United States on an as needed only basis. If the need develops other countries can have this intermediate level added.
  3. County levels will be added whenever the need arises.

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25 Mar 1788 Bécancour, Province de Québec - 02 Oct 1859
abt 1632 France
14 Nov 1736 Bécancour, Canada, Nouvelle-France - 18 Dec 1801
30 May 1763 Bécancour, Province de Québec - 27 Apr 1837
21 Jun 1693 Rivière St-Michel, Canada, Nouvelle-France - 24 Jul 1762
abt 1649 Eymet, Périgord, France - bef Sep 1704
05 May 1890 Hot Springs, Garland, Arkansas, United States - 28 Aug 1961
01 Jul 1872 - 31 Dec 1939
12 Apr 1832 L'Assomption, Bas-Canada - 14 Oct 1912 photo
28 Aug 1880 Wisconsin, United States - 23 Jul 1924
08 Sep 1820 L'Assomption, Bas-Canada

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