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This is the companion category for the Skeen Name Study and includes other spelling variations. To add this category to a profile, you can add the One Name Study template (which will add the category automatically).

This profile is part of the Skeen Name Study.

{{One Name Study|name=Skeen}}

results in:

This is a mid-level category. Profiles should be added to the narrowest category possible, but may be placed here when further information is not known. See How to Categorize.

One name study for the surname Skeen.

Please see the project page for more information about the Skeen surname.

See Also: Clan Skene

Category setup for the Skeen Name Study
The Skeen Name Study category is a high level category and should not be used on profiles. It is preferred that all profiles contained in the project be designated to a specific location for the benefit of correctly identifying family lines.

Skeen Name Study category hierarchy when used with a location would look something like this:

By Name Study:

[[Category:One Name Studies]]

[[Category:Skeen Name Study]]
[[Category:United States, Skeen Name Study]]
[[Category:Pennsylvania, Skeen Name Study]]
[[Category:Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Skeen Name Study]]

By Location:

[[Category:United States of America]]

[[Category:United States, Name Studies]]
[[Category:Pennsylvania, Name Studies]]
[[Category:Pennsylvania, Skeen Name Study]]
[[Category:Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Name Studies]]
[[Category:Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Skeen Name Study]]

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1645 Zamoski, Poland
abt 1615 - bef 1668
bef 23 Oct 1699 - 21 Jul 1757
23 Sep 1700 - 29 Jul 1768 photo
abt 1702 Kings, Province of New York - aft Feb 1748
14 Feb 1913 Rockingham, North Carolina, United States - 07 Mar 2010

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