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See: for resources for Slavery in the Southern United States, a sub project of the Southern Colonies.

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Instructions for creating Slave/Slave Owner Categories

The slave-owner categories exist to help with tracking the genealogy and family history of pre-Civil War era African Americans. A good source for finding documentation of slave ownership is probate records (wills & testaments; sometimes land deeds). This high level category corresponds to the high level category, Category:American_Slaves.

Profiles in this category should also include a section: == Slaves == that then lists what is known about each slave. See Isaac Holeman as an example.

Please place any Free Space Profiles with details of slaves listed in Wills or other documents in the sub-category Wills and Slave Lists under the Category American Slaves.


Slave Owners in America

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  • Abel Blakeslee 10 Jun 1766 North Haven, New Haven, Connecticut - 10 Nov 1837


  • Andrew Denham 21 Dec 1808 Dunbar, Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom - 2 Dec 1875


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  • Elisha Hook 6 Jan 1792 Rockingham, Virginia - 9 Jan 1851




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