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"The Society of the Cincinnati is the nation's oldest patriotic organization, founded in 1783 by officers of the Continental Army and their French counterparts who served together in the American Revolution." The Society of the Cincinnati Society of the Cincinnati, American Revolution

Medal of Society of Cincinnati

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"The Continental officers indignant at a Congress which failed to make provision for disabled officers and for the widows and orphans of deceased soldiers, resolved to undertake their relief by starting a fund to which each should contribute one month's pay. Their society was founded on May 13, 1783, at the Verplanck house, still standing on the banks of the Hudson at Fishkill, New York."[1]


  1. Freeman, Alden. Memorial of Captain Thomas Abbey (Abbey, East Orange, N.J., 1917) Page 42

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  • Charles Dabney 1745 Montpelier, Hanover County, Virginia - 15 Dec 1829
  • Richard Dale 6 Nov 1756 Norfolk, Virginia - 26 Feb 1826
  • Germain Dionne 20 Sep 1731 La Pocatière (Sainte-Anne), Canada, Nouvelle-France - 31 Dec 1787




  • John Allen Gano 22 Jul 1727 Hopewell, Mercer County, New Jersey - 10 Aug 1804
  • Clément Gosselin abt 12 Jun 1747 Sainte-Famille, Île d’Orléans, Quebec - abt 9 Mar 1816
  • Louis Gosselin 2 Sep 1744 Ste Famille IO, Montmorency, Canada, Nouvelle-France - 7 Aug 1823

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  • Charles Parsons 17 Sep 1742 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts
  • Antoine Paulin 24 Apr 1737 St. Paul-de-Varces, Grenoble, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, France - 7 Sep 1813
  • Thomas T Posey 9 Jul 1750 Fairfax County, Virginia Colony - 19 Mar 1818




  • George Washington 22 Feb 1732 Pope's Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony - 14 Dec 1799
  • James Wood 28 Jan 1741 Winchester, Virginia - 16 Jun 1813

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