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This is a list of many sources that have been used in WikiTree profiles. The sources are grouped by country. The sources for the USA are also grouped by State. There are additional groups for published family genealogies, periodicals, Projects, and bibliographies from published books.

Here is a YouTube video that describes some of the basics on how to use these sources: WikiTree Sources

Do you have a favorite source? You can add it to this list. Here is some background information on sharing sources: How to Share Sources on WikiTree.

Source Free-Space Pages

All the sources include source description, locations where the source can be found, a "What Links Here" link, and examples for source citation and footnotes. These examples can be simply pasted into your own profiles. Citation examples are based on "The Chicago Manual of Style": author, title, (publisher,date), vol./page.

Most of these books can be found at a library by searching here:

Online versions of older books can be found here:

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