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The Southern Africa Medal is a military medal that was instituted by the Republic of South Africa in 1987. It was a campaign medal and was awarded to members of the South African Defence Force for service in military operations in Southern Africa outside the borders of South Africa and South West Africa between 1 April 1976 and 21 March 1990.

The Southern Africa Medal is an octagonal medallion struck in nickel silver, 3 millimetres thick, to fit in a circle 38 millimetres in diameter. It depicts a cheetah walking past a thorn tree. As a matter of interest, the cheetah depicted on the medal was copied from the definitive issue 10c postage stamp that was issued in South West Africa on 1 October 1980.

The words "SUIDER-AFRIKA" and "SOUTHERN AFRICA" in two lines underneath the pre-1994 South African Coat of Arms, surrounded by a wreath of leaves, with the medal number stamped underneath.

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