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St. Peter's Parish (founded 1679) served James City and New Kent counties.

James City and Charles River Counties were formed in 1634, as two of the original counties. Charles River became York in 1643, and then New Kent formed from York in 1654. Two parishes were originally in New Kent County, St. John's - north of York and Pamunkey, and St. Peter's - south of those streams. There appears to be no record to show when St Peter's was formed (1679 per Spradlin), but the vestry book begins In 1682.

In 1704, St. Paul's parish (afterwards in Hanover county), was formed from St. Peter’s. - The Parish Register of Saint Peter's, New Kent County, Virginia from 1680 to 1787. (this note is based on the introduction page). St. Peter's continued to serve James City Co to to 1767 and New Kent Co to after 1785.


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  • Peter Field 1640 Henrico/New Kent, Colony of Virginia, British Colonial America - 24 Jul 1707
  • Elizabeth (Fleming) Jordan 23 Oct 1680 New Kent, Colony of Virginia, British Colonial America - 20 Jul 1763


  • Samuel Goodman 27 Apr 1701 St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Colony of Virginia - before 1782


  • William Harmon abt 1620 St. Peter's, New Kent, Virginia, United States - 4 Jan 1687


  • Mosias Jones abt 25 Mar 1721 New Kent County, Virginia - 8 Apr 1808


L cont.


  • William Macon Sr 11 Nov 1694 St Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia - abt 1 Nov 1773




  • Alexander Walker abt 3 Oct 1727 Bristol Parish, Prince George, Virginia - abt 24 Sep 1754
  • William David Walker 1645 Saint Peters Parish, York (later New Kent) County, Virginia Colony - abt 5 Aug 1723

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