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Statare Julita gård.
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Statare, statdräng, statardräng, statkarl är olika beteckningar för samma person: en lantarbetare vars lön helt eller delvis utgick i form av stat (mestadels bränsle, spannmål, mjölk och potatis), här i även inbegripet bostad. Husbonden hade rätt att bestraffa statare fysiskt fram till 1926.
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were married farmworkers in Sweden who received payment primarily in kind. The system existed mainly in southern Sweden and reached its maximum extent in the late 19th century. Thereafter the system gradually declined until it was formally abolished in 1945.
These agricultural laborers were generally viewed as being on the lowest rungs of Swedish society. The landlord of the manor had the right to physically chastise and punish the "statare". This right was abolished in 1926. Their lives were described by prominent Swedish novelists and writers such as Ivar Lo-Johansson, Jan Fridegård and Moa Martinson.

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  • Erik Hållner 9 Sep 1823 Hjälmunge, Hållnäs, Uppsala, Sverige - 27 Dec 1904






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  • Jöns Nilsson 2 Oct 1858 Östra Vemmenhög, Skåne, Sweden - 31 Mar 1947
  • Nils Nilsson 18 Feb 1865 Säby, Skåne, Sweden - 1 Mar 1869



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