Category: Stills-18 Revolutionary War Ancestors

Categories: Stills-18

Revolutionary War Ancestors of Michael Stills

  1. Harty, Dennis Private, New Jersy Militia
  2. Smithers, George Captain Pennsylvania Militia
  3. Kent, Peter Rank: Private, Virginia Militia
  4. Reynolds, Henry Indian Spy
  5. Garoutte, Michael Privateer
  6. Ricker, Peter Rank: Private, Pennsylvania Militia
  7. Kelly, John Rank: Private Unsubstantiated
  8. Bonnell, James Patriotic Service: Paid Tax
  9. Beeson, Benjamin Patriotic Service: Furnished Supplies
  10. Lamb, Joseph Patriotic Service: Furnished Beef
  11. Cutshall, Frederick Patriotic Service: Paid Tax
  12. Ephraim Skiles Sr. Patriotic Service: Oath of Fiedelity, 1778.
  13. Benedict, Moses Private, Connecticut
  14. Betts, Elijah Rank: Private, Connecticut
  15. Brown, Archelaus Rank: Private
  16. Brown, Jonathan Rank: Sergent
  17. Castleman, William Rank: Private, Patriotic Service
  18. Nelson, Moses Rank: Private
  19. Sheldon, Joel Rank: Sergent
  20. Wicoff, Joachim Rank: Private
  21. Sheldon, Daniel Under Review (Determining correct service)
  22. Culp, Baltzer Unconfirmed
  23. Benedict, John Patriotic Service: Provided supplies

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abt 26 Mar 1723 Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Colony of Virginia - 17 Feb 1812 photo

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