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This Stith Name Study category is for pages and profiles related to the Stiths. At this point, there's no need to add Stith profiles to it (but you can if you'd like) - the list here is much more flexible. (I ordered that list by birth, but before I got through adding the category to the first 50 of the 286 profiles, I realized this wasn't the best option! So the profiles listed below are mostly those born prior to 1800.)

To add a profile to the category, add the following to the profile:

[[Category:Stith Name Study]]

To see Stith profiles, check out the Stith Genealogy page. To be listed on the Stith Genealogists page, add "Stith" to your followed tags.

The initial goal: Since the profiles listed below are the earliest Stiths in America, let's work on getting them cleaned up & sourced. The Virginia History and Biography Magazine & William and Mary Quarterly have some articles on the Stith family, and some of the information include source citations of wills, deeds, and other primary sources. Be careful that the source is cited for the correct Stith, as the many John, Buckner, and Drury Stiths sometimes get confused (and then there's Ann Stith marrying Robert Bolling, the great-grandson of Ann Stith who married Robert Bolling).

As you add sources to the profiles, please list the source also on the Stith Name Study page.

Thanks! ~ Noland-165 20:59, 30 August 2016 (EDT)

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