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This is WikiTree's Style Guide — the formatting standards and style conventions that our community has evolved. See WikiTree Help for how-to instructions. For rules related to the mission and ethics of the community, see the Honor Code.

Why do we need style rules?

Since we collaborate on shared profiles we need to agree on how profiles should look. Otherwise personal preferences might conflict and lead to bitter disagreements. For example, the poet e.e. cummings might prefer that every word of his profile be written in lowercase letters. On his own profile, nobody needs to argue with him. However, profiles of his ancestors that are shared with other descendants need to use standard capitalization. See the Style FAQ for more information.

Finding, clarifying, and changing official rules

Officially recommended procedures are listed below and on WikiTree Help. Note that anything on a sub-category (a page beginning with Category:), project page (Project:), or free-space profile (Space:), may not be official. Ask in G2G if you have questions. See Developing New Rules if you want to add or change a rule.

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