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People were most often, and still are, buried in the parish cemetery right next to the church. In the larger towns and cities however, there are cemeteries that are not immediately connected to the parish church. This page shows the cemeteries broken down into county regions. No profiles should be added to this page.

Cemetery Category Instructions
NOTE: The accepted naming standard for cemetery categories is: [[Category:Name of Cemetery, Town, State/Region/Province]]

This applies for cemeteries in the larger Swedish cities where cemeteries are not always connected to a parish cemeteries. However, for Swedish cemeteries in connection to a parish church, the standard should be [[Category:Name of Cemetery, Parish, County]] since administration used to be linked to parishes instead of towns.

which does three things (besides consistency across the world for cemetery categories)

  1. Identifies the correct name of the Cemetery (using Find A Grave as an accepted standard)
  2. Identifies the parish the cemetery is located in
  3. Identifies the County that the parish is located in

This category is then linked to the category: [[Category:Parish (county code)]] AND [[Category:County Cemeteries]] which does two things:

  1. Links the cemetery category to the specific location
  2. Links the cemetery to the higher cemetery category.

NOTE: Placement of commas (punctuation) is very specific and categories are unforgiving when it comes to capitalization. See more information at: Categorization Project

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