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The best way to call for assistance with research into Swedish ancestors is to ask a question under Genealogy help in G2G with the tag SWEDEN
(Your question is less likely to be noticed if you tag it only with a family name).
This will reach more than one WikiTree community member with competence in the area - and there will usually be an answer within 24 hours. Who answers the call will vary over time, as our activity level changes. As genealogists familiar with Swedish sources and resources, we are always willing to explore any part of the country, whether it is close to our own areas of research or not.

In order to help us help you it is worthwhile to make a clear presentation of what you do know about the person or family.

It is always useful to have a Research Notes section:

== Research Notes ==

For the purpose of breaking brickwalls a subsection summarizing What we know is a courtesy to your helpers:

=== What we know ===


Name: Andrew Paulsson (in Census 1920)
Born: About 1920 (in Census 1930)
Birth place: Sweden (is told in the family)
Married: With xxxx abt. 1912 before emigrated
Emigration: before 1919 (He is in the Census 1920)

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abt 1753 Sweden - 24 Jan 1818 photo
1970s Privacy Level: Private with Public Family Tree (Yellow) photo Active member6363
1980s Privacy Level: Private with Public Biography and Family Tree (Yellow) photo Active member4029
24 Feb 1866 Ronneby, Blekinge, Sweden

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