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© 27 Mar 2015 -- The French Revolution marks the beginnings of terrorism, but the Bolshevik leadership -- notably Vladmir Lenin (22 Apr – 21 Jan 1924), and Leon Trotsky -- are the ones who began using it as tool, not just to gain power ... but to maintain it.[1]

Having studied Bolshevik tactics, Michael Collins (16 Oct 1890 - 22 Aug 1922) of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), refined terrorism, and became the quintessential godfather of modern day 'textbook' terrorism. To this day, his methods are required reading for both terrorists and counter-terrorists, alike.[1]

During the late 20th century, terrorism began a shift to "lone-wolf" acts, after white supremacist author William Luther Pierce (11 Sep 1933 - 23 Jul 2002), advocated its use in his book, Hunter. This method is displayed in attacks such as the Oklahoma City bombing, and the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Without the need for the backing of an umbrella organization, communication or collaborators ... it's one of the most dangerous of all types of terrorism in the 21st century.[1]


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