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The Canadas is the collective name for Upper Canada and Lower Canada, which were colonies in British North America from 1791 to 1841. The Clergy Endowments (Canada) Act 1791 , commonly known as the Constitutional Act 1791, is an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain. The Act reformed the government of the province of Quebec to accommodate the 10,000 English-speaking settlers, known as the United Empire Loyalists, who had arrived from the United States following the American Revolution. Quebec, with a population of 145,000 French-speaking Canadians, was divided in two when the Act took effect on 26 December 1791. The western half became Upper Canada (now southern Ontario) and the eastern half Lower Canada (now southern Quebec). The names Upper and Lower Canada were given according to their location on the St. Lawrence River. Upper Canada received English law and institutions, while Lower Canada retained French civil law and institutions, including seigneurial land tenure, and the privileges accorded to the Roman Catholic Church.



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  • Thomas Bell abt 1813 The Canadas, British North America - before 16 Jun 1900


  • Guy Carleton 3 Sep 1724 Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland - 10 Nov 1808

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