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See also Dano-Hanseatic War


Involved Parties: The Kalmar Union and the counts of Schauenburg, Stralsund, Rostock, Lübeck, Hamburg, Wismar, Lüneburt, and the Victual Brothers.

Swedish Regents:

Battles or Operations

  • The battle of Eggebek 1410

Battles at Sea

  • The battle at Copenhagen July 11, 1427
  • The Battle at Bergen April 1429

Background Queen Margareta of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, wanted to avoid an attack in the back by the Holsteins while she was fighting Albrekt of Mecklenburg for the Swedish crown. Therefore she gave count Gerhard VI of Schauenburg the Duchy but wanted it back as soon as the danger from Albrekt had passed. Gerhard VI had thought of it as a hereditary Duchy and when he died in 1404, leaving a widow and three sons behind, his brother Henrik of Lüneburg tried to claim Schleswig in the name of his nephews. War broke out in 1410 and was not really settled until 1435. There are several cease fires during the years, and the Hanseatic League tried to mediate between the two parties. They finally grew tired and declared war against Erik, the Dano-Hanseatic War, in 1426.


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