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Categories: Thibodeau-686

Biographies I've just created, or I'm currently working on.

To write the ideal biography for a profile, refer to the following recommendations.

  1. WikiTree|Biography Styles and Standards,
  2. Evidence Explained.
  3. Chicago Manual of Style

These items are placed above the "Biography" Heading."

  1. Categories
  2. "Project Boxes," when appropriate.
  3. Brief Summary, only used for long biographies.

These items, used to format the body, are placed under the "Biography Heading."

  1. Proper Headings and Sub Headings in chronicalogical order if possible.
  2. Inline Citations checked for accessibility and access date.
  3. "Properly Cited Sources" for each statement about their life. This has its own "Heading," use "See Also," written under the resources tag, in alphabetical order.
  4. "Maps"
  5. "Timeline"
  6. "Acknowledgement Section" when appropriate, placed at the very bottom of the profile, under "See Also"
  7. Edited for proper grammer, punctuation, spelling, and plagerism.
  8. Profile submitted to to the "Profile Improvement" team, and "Project Protected" if appropriate.

This "Profile Box" may be used for "Biographies In Progress." {{ Profile-box|'''Biography in Progress, Please leave any sources, or suggestions in the public comments.''' ~~~~ }}

Biography in Progress, Please leave any sources, or suggestions in the public comments. Thibodeau-686 12:31, 15 January 2017 (EST)

Person Profiles (4)

17 Jan 1740 Quebec City, Canada - 10 Sep 1810 photo
abt 1782 Yankton, South Dakota, United States - 10 Jan 1814
18 Jan 1853 Horse Creek, Wyoming - 02 Jul 1914

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