Category: Thibodeau-686 Incomplete Project Profiles

Categories: Thibodeau-686

These incomplete profiles belong to one of the projects listed below.

  1. Check Project guidelines and complete the profile to meet them.
  2. Add categories and project template to profile.
  3. Submit profile to The Profile Improvement Team.
Acadian Project
|Huguenot Migration Project
|Native American Project

Native American Project Profiles I would like to create.

  1. Dewey Beard. A participant in Little Big Horn and Survivor of Wounded Knee.
  2. Profiles for the Largest mass hanging in United States history, 38 Santee "Sioux" Indian men Mankato, Minnesota, Dec. 16, 1862

Person Profiles (2)

abt 1782 Yankton, South Dakota, United States - 10 Jan 1814

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