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The Thomas Name Study is to help progress research into the Thomas surname across time and locations. We encourage you to add Thomas location sub-categories to your Thomas ancestors. That helps us all to see Thomas family members in particular parts of the world. If you need any help on how to do this or if the location you need isn't set up yet, just add a comment on the Thomas Name Study page. Also you can add Thomas as a tag for the G2G forum, and ask any questions that you have about your Thomas research on G2G.

If you would like to contribute to the Thomas Name Study, please join the One Name Study Project. We would love you to collaborate with us!

There is more information about the Thomas surname at the Thomas Name Study project page.

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[[Category:One Name Studies]]

[[Category:Thomas Name Study]]
[[Category:United States, Thomas Name Study]]
[[Category:Pennsylvania, Thomas Name Study]]
[[Category:Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Thomas Name Study]]

Good luck with your Thomas research! Gillian and Dale

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22 Aug 1903 Page, Virginia, United States - 14 Feb 1953
1886 Creswick, Victoria, Australia - 1964
abt 1833 South Carolina, United States - 10 Mar 1863
abt 1788 Virginia
23 May 1857 Blount, Alabama, United States - 12 Sep 1907
09 Jan 1887 Friendship, Knox, Maine, United States - 04 Jul 1971
abt 01 Jun 1865 Brunswick, Victoria, Australia - 15 Oct 1940
05 May 1987 - 19 Jun 1987 photo
10 Jan 1889 Cove, Polk, Arkansas, United States - 01 Dec 1967
abt 1821 Cornwall, England, United Kingdom - 27 Sep 1875
30 Sep 1850 South Australia, Australia - 27 Jan 1851
- abt 1817
abt 1846 Treslothan, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom - 23 Jun 1909

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