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This is the companion category for the Towns Name Study. To add this category to a profile, you can add the One Name Study template (which will add the category automatically).

This profile is part of the Towns Name Study.

{{One Name Study|name=Towns}}

results in:

Please see the Criteria for more information on when to place a Towns profile into this category, and when to remove it.

Per the Criteria guidelines, add the One Name Study Sticker as follows:

{{One Name Study|name=Towns|category=Towns Name Study}}

There are THREE ways to search the Towns Name Study:

  • If you know the name and the country: search below for the country (in the subcategories)
  • If you know the name and the UK county or US state: search below for the county/state (in the subcategories)
  • If you know the name, but not where the person came from, use the links to the Surnames Index, found here.

NOTE: This Category is being restructured to include regions and the current profiles in this category may be moved or added to the appropriate subcategory. Karen, Study Coordinator, 26 Feb 2019

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