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Name: Transvaal pre 1910
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This category consolidates numerous nations and colonies that previously existed in the area known as the Transvaal (pre 1994), including Transvaal Republic; Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic; and Transvaal Colony up until 1910 and lesser known small areas that became part of the province. Please see South African Country Naming for guidance. For post 1910 categorizations please refer to the next link in the time line above.
This category is a holding category and complies with the South African Place Name Categorization Guidance and Rules

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02 Jul 1856 Schoemansdal, Soutpansberg, Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek - 25 Sep 1942 photo
17 Oct 1823 West Prussia, Prussia, Germany - 02 Dec 1862 photo

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