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Each triangulation group (TG) targets a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). In some groups, a subset of the tested individuals will have a closer relationship meaning that there is more than one MRCA with some MRCAs being more 'common' than others and with the target MRCA being common to all members of the TG. For clarity, we can refer to the targeted MRCA as being the MRCAextremis and a closer MRCA as being a MRCAproximus.

A properly formulated TG will have only one MRCAextremis although it is possibe for a TG to also form a sub-group of a separate, larger TG with its own MRCAextremis. Each MRCA, however, can have one or many TGs and to avoid confusion, each MRCA, as represented by a unique couple or individual, will be entered just once, That entry will be a category that contains one or more categories (i.e. one category for each TG targeting this MRCA).

The name of each MRCA ishould be:

<WikiID-1>[, <WikiID-2] Triangulation Groups

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