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The "troupes de terre" were the French soldiers under the command of General Montcalm who came to defend Canada in the Seven Years War against the British forces. Some of the soldiers remained in Canada after the end of the war, marrying women in the colony and creating families with many descendants.

The troupes de terre were composed of professional soldiers of the French Army, sent from France to America, who were disciplined and well trained. At Fort Carillon in 1758, these troops were made up of the second battalions of seven regiments sent from different regions of France.

The regiments represented in the garrison were those of La Reine (345 soldiers), Guyenne (470 soldiers), Berry (450 soldiers), Béarn (410 soldiers), La Sarre (460 soldiers), Royal Roussillon (480 soldiers), and Languedoc (426 soldiers). The Berry regiment also had a second battalion, but their numbers were not known.

They were also present at the battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.

Les soldats de la guerre de Sept Ans en Nouvelle France 1756-1763

Présents entre autres à la bataille des Plaines d'Abraham et au siège de Québec, comprenant les régiments de La Reine, de Guyenne, de Berry, de Béarn, de La Sarre, le Royal Roussillon et du Languedoc. Commission des champs de bataille nationaux

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