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This is an U5a1h mtDNA haplogroup project specific only to the Denny-Preston maternal lineage found in Kentucky circa 1800. It is not useful for other lineages of U5a1h mtDNA. The goal of this project is to identify the maternal relationship between the persons of this category.

mtDNA lineage projects differ from surname projects because mtDNA is passed from mother to daughters and sons. Surname projects track yDNA which is passed from fathers but only to sons. The maternal relationships in mtDNA lineage projects are more difficult to track because the mother's surname generally changes with each generation.

mtDNA testing of descendants of persons listed below has identified an exact mitotype match (genetic distance equal to zero; HVR1, HVR2 and Coding regions) between their descendants. The maternal lines of these persons are expected to share a common matriarch within genealogical times.

Please contact the project manager with any questions: Bob Sturdevant

Person Profiles (3)

21 Aug 1813 Rockcastle County, Kentucky, United States - 09 Jan 1894
1765 Colony of Virginia - 28 Apr 1843
abt 1765 - bef 1810

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