Category: US Southern Colonies Project Needs Merge Attention

Categories: US Southern Colonies Project Maintenance Categories

Profiles in this category need attention as a result of merge activity, most commonly post-merge cleanup.

This category may also be used to:

  • ensure a profile in a proposed merge doesn't fall off the radar—sometimes profile managers approve the merge, but don't complete it; other times orphaned merges receive default approval, but no one reviews the merge;
  • flag a profile that has had a proposed merge rejected or postponed;
  • flag a profile you set in an unmerged match—in which case you should also add the profile to Needs Research.

If you add this category to a profile, also add a note with details of what is needed in the Research Notes section (and "sign" it, by adding ~~~~ [4 tildes], which adds your name & time/date).

Example Syntax:

{{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Carolina|needs=Merge Attention}}
{{US Southern Colonist|Carolina|needs=Merge Attention}}
{{US Southern Colonist Adjunct|needs=Merge Attention}}

See also: Help:Merging.

Person Profiles (13)

1771 Green, Tennessee
1740 Colony of Virginia - 1763
22 Jan 1688 New Kent County, Colony of Virginia - 07 Sep 1748
14 Oct 1690 Wales - 02 Nov 1781 photo
abt Mar 1649 Tenterden, Kent, England - aft 1722
27 Aug 1758 Hanover, Amelia County, Virginia, British Colonial America - bef 13 Aug 1847 photo
1755 Lunenburg, Colony of Virginia - 1811
abt 1720 Essex, Colony of Virginia - 19 Apr 1782
06 Jul 1736 Hunterdon, Province of New Jersey - 06 Jul 1802 photo
23 Apr 1733 King William Parish, Goochland, Colony of Virginia - 19 Sep 1816
abt 1655 Bermuda Hundred, Virginia - bef 01 Dec 1698
Nov 1651 Wicomico Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia - aft 18 Jun 1712
abt 1605 London, England - 1629

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