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These individuals settled in the US Southern Colonies (the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia) prior to 1776. This category is added automatically by both the sticker and the project box of the US Southern Colonies Project.

Use the project box - {{US Southern Colonist}} - on profiles that are managed by the project, whether or not the profile is also a project-protected profile (PPP).

The project's Managed Profiles Teams page discusses project-managed and project-protected profiles.

If the project does not need to be managed by the US Southern Colonies Project, use the sticker instead: {{US Southern Colonist Sticker}} - and please add a "colony switch" so that the profile is categorized to a subcategory instead of this one (see details about features of the sticker at Template: US_Southern_Colonist_Sticker, including the colony parameter).

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