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The following information is from the book Churches and Cemeteries of Lancater County, Pennsylvania, A Complete Guide by A. Hunter Rineer, Jr., 1993, Lancaster County Historical Society, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; copy in the library of contributor
"In 1800 an organization called the United Brethren in Christ was formed with Philip William Otterbein (trained and ordained as a German Reformed minister and Martin Boehm , an Unordained Mennonite preacher, selected as bishops. The organization adopted what was essentially a Methodist church policy and doctrine, with the exception being the fact that the German language was used in United Brethren services and Ministerial conferences."
This Church is not to be confused with the Brethren in Christ domination. They were never a part of that sect. The United Brethren in Christ later merged with the Evangelical Church and formed the Evangelical United Brethren Church. in 1968 this denomination merged with the Methodist Church to become what is today, the United Methodist Church.

Person Profiles (6)

abt 10 Feb 1868 Lebanon Co, Pennsylvania, United States - 04 Dec 1922
16 Aug 1816 New Castle, Henry, Kentucky, United States - 31 Mar 1903
30 Oct 1851 Findlay Township, Hancock, Ohio, United States - 30 Mar 1905
11 Mar 1860 Butler, Bates, Missouri, United States - 12 Feb 1927 photo
11 Mar 1863 West Fairview, Pennsylvania - 11 Jul 1899 photo
abt 1825 Berkeley County, Virginia

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