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Categories: Adams Name Study

This is a subcategory of the Adams Name Study.

This category is for any individuals who were born or lived within the United States of America.
Please put the individual in the subcategory that is closest to their known places of residence. If an individual is known to have lived in Massachusetts, for example, place that individual in the subcategory for "Massachusetts, Adams Name Study" instead of just the subcategory for "United States, Adams Name Study." This will help other researchers find the profiles in the areas that they are researching quickly.
Individuals can be added to this subcategory through the Category Code:

[[Category: United States, Adams Name Study]]

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abt 10 Oct 1915 Oskaloosa, Mahaska, Iowa, United States - abt 13 Jan 1988
08 Jun 1923 West Virginia, United States - 26 Jun 1984
1781 McColl, Marlboro, Province of South Carolina - 03 Oct 1824
02 Feb 1931 Everett, Snohomish, Washington, United States - 09 Sep 2009
19 Apr 1906 Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States - 16 Jul 1992

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