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"The first permanent English settlement in the New World began at Jamestown, Virginia, May 13, 1607.

Plagued by hunger, malaria, exposure and Indian attacks, many of the 100 settlers sent out by the London Company died, including their minister Robert Hunt, of whom they wrote:

"1607. To the glory of God and in memory of the Reverend Robert Hunt, Presbyter, appointed by the Church of England. Minister of the Colony which established the English Church and English Civilization at Jamestown ... His people, members of the Colony, left this testimony concerning him. Rev. Robert Hunt was an honest, religious and courageous Divine. He preferred the Service of God in so good a voyage to every thought of ease at home. He endured every privation, yet none ever heard him repine. During his life our factions were ofte healed, and our greatest extremities so comforted that they seemed easy in comparison with what we endured after his memorable death. We all received from him the Holy Communion together, as a pledge of reconciliation, for we all loved him for his exceeding goodness."

Ending their tribute to Rev. Robert Hunt, Virginia's first settlers wrote:

"He planted the first Protestant Church in America and laid down his life in the foundation of America."

- Virginia, Colony of. 1607. Inscription of original 1607 Settler's testimony engraved upon the bronze Robert Hunt Memorial, Jamestown Island, Virginia."

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