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THE only practicable means of producing in print the Visitation of Cheshire made in 1613 by Richard St. George, Norroy, and his son Henry, was to take as a basis Harleian MS. 1535, which belongs to a large class of collections of county pedigrees, prepared in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, often described as "Visitations," for which there appears to have been a not inconsiderable demand. These were usually based on some given Visitation or Visitations, but the scribes who made them were in the habit of omitting some recorded pedigrees altogether, and of furnishing others with additional facts and descents, no doubt giving more complete accounts of such particular families as were of especial interest to their patrons. They also included in such manuscripts some pedigrees which had not been entered at any Visitation.

Harleian MS. 1535 is described in the Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts, printed in 1808, as "An Heraldical Book in fol. written, tricked, & coloured (as it seemeth) by the hand of Mr. Jacob Chaloner the Armes-Painter"; and, among other things, it is said to contain, at page 35, " A copy of the Visitation-book of the County Palatine of Chester, as the same was made and taken by Richard St. George Norroy, & in his Company Mr. Henry St. George Rouge Rose. A.D. 1612 & 1613."'

Source: Armytage, George J, and Rylands, J Paul Ed., Pedigrees Made at the Visitation of Cheshire, 1613, Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, Vol XVIII, 1909, p.246, 15 April, 2014.

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