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The actual Village was Thelausa, Fischer, Samara, Volga, Russia.

Email from Petr M. on 11 Jun 2023
Volga River Villages Cemetery

"Hello! My name is Petr, I'm from Samara (Russia).

Did you add Volga River Villages Cemetery?
Is this the village called Fisher?
Now this place is called Krasnaya Polyana and is located in the Saratov region, not in Samara.

I want to suggest changing the name and specifying the coordinates (51.681084, 46.606358).

Link to Wikipedia (in Russian):Красная_Поляна_(Саратовская_область)

I also found records of 3 repressed people from this village named Tepfer. As far as I know, during the WW2, all Germans from the Volga region were resettled mainly to Kazakhstan.

I answered him back -asking him what is the cemetery called exactly in Russia?

Person Profiles (5)

abt 1745 Hessen-Darmstadt, Heiliges Römisches Reich - abt 1807
abt 1806 Fischer, Samara Oblast, Russia - abt 1857
abt 1745 Gießen, Hessen-Darmstadt, Heiliges Römisches Reich - abt 1806
07 Jun 1865 Neu Bauer, Samara, Russia - 02 Sep 1934 photo
aft 1806 Samara, Samara Oblast, Russia - aft 1857

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